The Korean Martial Arts Center, or KMAC, was established by M.W. Jung in 1984 to provide high quality Martial Arts instruction for children and adults. Master Jung started teaching in 1968 and currently holds Master ranks in Taekwondo (Tae Kwon Do), Hapkido and Judo. He also has extensive experience in other arts.

Whether you are an individual martial artist, non-experienced to master level, or an established school searching for guidance towards credentials at Kukkiwon
(WTF Korea) or Sin Moo Hapkido, you have come to the right place. KMAC's Masters have all the necessary wisdom and extensive experience to help you attain official world class knowledge and certification. We can tailor a program to help you attain the result you've been gearing for. Feel free to contact us for more Information.

KMAC currently offers instruction in Taekwondo (Tae Kwon Do), Hapkido, Judo, Traditional Asian Weapons and Tai Chi. Please feel free to browse our site to learn more about us. We also welcome inquiries by phone 415.333.1050 or email. Give us a call today!



The Korean Martial Arts Center is an appointed acting officiate for the following International Martial Arts Governing Bodies:
Kukkiwon (WTF) - Official International Certification
Sin Moo Hapkido - Official International Certification

"Let us be your Gateway to Korea!"



our mission

All students train as equals leaving their egos at the door.

A martial arts uniform has no age, ethnicity or gender.

We all train together to develop flexibility, strength, and humility as martial artists and citizens.






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