Tournament Results


2012 USAT National Championships
(June 29 - July 4)

Our very own Junior & Senior National Team is back from Dallas!  And boy was it HOT!!  105 degrees on average! 

Our team members performed very well against some of the best TKD players our nation has to offer and many even earned medals in their respective divisions.  We would like to extend a special congratulations to Alex Fogarty in qualifying to compete for a spot on the USAT National Team at the next USA Taekwondo Team Trials! 

Here's the results:

For our KMAC National Team, Competition Class members and future competitors here is a good, simple quote to live by no matter what the result, win or lose:

“A champion is someone who does not settle for that day's practice, that day's match, or that day's performance. They are always striving to become better. They don't live in the past, they live in the present moment to prepare for the next competition.”

Awesome Job Team!  Thank you for representing KMAC pride at the 2012 National Championships!


USAT Western Regional Qualifier
(May 19 - 20)

Our very own KMAC National Senior & Junior Competition Team members made a great showing at the 2012 USAT Western Regional this weekend May 19 & 20.  This is the last stage for them before the 2012 USAT Senior Nationals and Junior Olympics in Dallas, Texas (June 29 - July 4).  Now the states and regional level tournaments are out of the way all training and focus will be geared towards the Nationals next month!

2012 USAT Western Regional Qualifier


Formalejo, Mark Jr. (Sr)

Fogarty, Alex (Sr)

Cao, Andrew (Sr)

Cao, Monica (Jr)

Huanbutta, Tyler (Jr)

Buschelman, Iris (Jr)

Gonzalez, Sebastian (Jr)

Endrina, Jacob (Jr)

Endrina, Ian (Jr)

Lozano, Gabriel (Jr)


* DNC - Did Not Compete

* DNP - Did Not Place


May 2012 - KMAC Around the World

This month of May will be a very exciting one for our KMAC community.  We will have KMAC family members competing domestically and internationally at several major tournaments throughout the world this month.

KMAC's very own Haley Kong will be representing Stanford University & the United States at the World University Taekwondo Championship to be held in Pocheon, Korea (May 25 - 30, 2012). 


As we speak, KMAC team member, Mark Formalejo Jr., is traveling to Canada as a National team member for the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) Taekwondo team.  He will be competing for gold as an ambassador for the United States.

A contingent of our KMAC athletes will be representing us at the 2012 AAU California State Championship  held at San Francisco State University this Saturday (May 12, 2012).

Next weekend, May 19 - 20, 2012 our KMAC National Team members will be competing at the USAT (U.S.A Taekwondo) Western Regional National Qualifier held at the San Jose Convention Center (San Jose, CA).  This is their final stage before heading to Dallas, TX June 29 - July 4, 2012 for the USAT Nationals and Junior Olympics.


USAT California Northern State Championships
Saturday March 17, 2012 (Danville, CA)

Our very own KMAC National Team had an exceptional performance at this past weekend's California State Championships with well over 700 competitors.  Our team members endured the very tough competition and long hard hours waiting for their divisions, a few of the senior division team members were still competing after midnight!  Many of our team members qualified for the Regional National Qualifier in San Jose this May (the next stage towards the National Championships and Junior Olympics in Dallas, TX this summer).  Our team even brought back a few 2012 California State Champions!  Congratulations to all of you!

And as a special surprise, KMAC - HQ along with KMAC - Manila TKD, and KMAC - M2 TKD, were awarded with "the Best TKD School trophy award."

2012 California Northern State Championships


KMAC received BEST TaeKwonDo School award!  (Trophy shared between KMAC-HQ, KMAC - Manila, and M2)
Name Belt Rank Poomsae Sparring Regional Qualifier Status
Fogerty, Alex Black N/A Silver Qualified
Formalejo, Mark Jr. Black N/A Silver (Sr. Div) Qualified
Cao, Andrew Black N/A N/A Qualified
Cao, Monica Black N/A Gold Qualified
Huanbutta, Tyler Black Gold Gold Qualified
Buschelman, Iris Blue Silver Gold Qualified
Gonzalez, Sebastian Green Bronze N/A Qualified
Endrina, Ian Yellow Gold Bronze Qualified
Endrina, Jacob Yellow Gold Gold Qualified
Fraser, Anne Yellow N/A Gold Qualified
Lozano, Gabriel Yellow N/A N/A Qualified

**National Coaches:  Master David Mangonon, Master Thomas Mar, and Master Brandon Mauricio

(A very special Thank You!  For all your expertise!)



2012 Golden Gate Open TaeKwonDo Championships
( January 28, 2012 )


Our Competition Team made an awesome appearance at the Golden Gate Open this Saturday.  All the hard work and preparation our team put into training for this weekend's event really showed in the results.

2012 Golden Gate Open (Results)
** Gold = G  |  Silver = S  |  Bronze = B  |  DQ = Disqualified  |  N/A = Not Applicable
Name Belt Sparring Exhibition Forms Weapons Open Forms
Angeles, Mark Yellow N/A B N/A N/A N/A
Angeles, William Blue N/A G G N/A N/A
Arnold, Roger Green G G B N/A N/A
Buschelman, Iris Blue G G G N/A N/A
Cao, Andrew Red G G G N/A N/A
Cao, Monica Black S N/A G N/A N/A
Chan, Lawrence Green G N/A S N/A N/A
Delamarre, Killian Green G N/A B N/A N/A
Endrina, Ian Green S N/A G N/A N/A
Endrina, Jacob Green B N/A G N/A N/A
Fogarty, Alex Black N/A G N/A N/A N/A
Gonzalez, Sebastian Blue G N/A G N/A N/A
Huanbutta, Tyler Black G N/A G G G
Lozano, Gabriel Yellow B N/A S N/A N/A
Martinez, Alejandro Green B G N/A N/A N/A
Redmond, Michael Green N/A G S N/A N/A
Tran, Tyler Green S N/A N/A N/A N/A
Voto-Bernales, Antonio Blue G N/A N/A N/A N/A
Voto-Bernales, Bella Green G N/A N/A N/A N/A
Wong, Davis Yellow DQ G G N/A N/A
** Coaches: Master Brandon Mauricio and Kevin San Juan


Congratulations to all our team members!



2011 AAU Friendship Taekwondo Tournament
(November 19, 2011)

Our Competition Team had an awesome performance at the AAU Friendship Tournament!  Thank you to all our KMAC parents and members who came out in the cold and rain to support our Junior Competition team.  This was a great kick off tournament for the 2011/2012 competition year.

Coaching Staff: Master David Mangonon, Master Brandon Mauricio, Mr. Tim Redmond, and Mr. Mark Formalejo Jr.

2011 AAU Friendship Tournament (Results)
 **G = Gold  S = Silver  B = Bronze

Name Belt Poomsae Kyoroogi Demo

Angeles, William Blue G G G
Arnold, Roger Yellow   S  
Buschelman, Iris Green G G  
Cao, Andrew Blue G S  
Cao, Monica Black S G  
Gonzalez, Sebastian Blue G S  
Huanbutta, Tyler Black G   B
Hernandez, Jonathan Black   S  
Lee, Stephanie Yellow   B  
Lozano, Gabriel Yellow B G  
Martinez, Jared Yellow   G  
Odfina, Kaden Green B   G
Redmond, Michael Green B G G
Tran, Tyler Yellow G G  
Trinh, Andrew Red   S  
Trinh, Ethan Red   S  
Voto-Bernales, Antonio Green   G  
Voto-Bernales, Bella Yellow   G  
Wong, Davis Yellow B B  

Congratulations to all our KMAC Team competitors and parents! 



2011 Stanford Taekwondo Scrimmage (Fall)
November 5, 2011 (Saturday)


Tyler Huanbutta and Monica Cao represented the KMAC Competition Team at the Stanford Sparring Scrimmage.
Great Work!

From left to right: Loren Louie, Master David Mangonon, Tyler Huanbutta, Haley Kong, and Mark Formalejo Jr.


2011 San Francisco Open Taekwondo Championships
September 10, 2011 (Saturday)



Competitors List/Results:  G=Gold  S=Silver  B=Bronze Demo=Exhibition Match

Tyler Huanbutta
G / G (Demo)
Andrew Cao
Monica Cao
Jacob Endrina
Ian Endrina
Iris Buschelman
G / G (Demo)
Roger Arnold G
Michael Redmond B
Gabriel Lozano
Killian Delamarre
Davis Wong
Kaden Odfina 
Sebastian Gonzalez
Phelix Ho
Alex Fogarty
S (Demo)
Alejandro Martinez  


The National Anthem was performed by our very own!

Nico Formalejo

Head Referees: Master Luis Perdices, Tim Redmond, Jasmine Gong, & Atef Karajah

Coaches: Mark Jr. Formalejo, Kevin San Juan, Kayla San Juan, Loren Louie & Eddie Viray
Corners Judges: Master David Choi, Eddie Viray
Video Recording: Ton Huanbutta
Record Keeping: Pon Huanbutta

Cheering Section: All Parents!!! Thank You!

Staging Competitior Manager: Master David Mangonon
Floor Manager: GM Jung

Great Weekend at the Championships- Let's Keep Up The Good Work!


2011 Golden Gate Open Results
Jan. 29th, 2011 (Saturday)

I would like to give thanks to all the parents, volunteers and competitors that came out to the 2011 Golden Gate Open Championships. It was a special moment for active and inactive members to bond. Extra thanks to Ms. Darlene Hong, Sherly Moy and Wilson for making time from their busy schedule to support.  Mr. Ton Huanbutta and Mr. Tran for rolling up their sleeves with the computers. Mr. Ray Ho's,  hours of photo taking. I am humbled with the people who travel from San Ramon, Sacramento and Hillsborough who made the distance.  This is the kind of support that makes us a "Club"!

* Master Stu Forrest made a special trip to cover our Saturday program at KMAC. Thank you ~ GM Jung
* Enta Tu recipient of the 4' Best School Trophy presented by GM Jung for his long time support and service to KMAC.

Competitors List/Results:  G=Gold  S=Silver  B=Bronze

Name Sparring Forms Weapons
Shannon Toy ( SR )   G  
Jonathan Lagasca (SR) S    
Chris Almacen  (SR) S    
Kayla San Juan G    
Fervelina Kebede G    
Sanel Velic G    
Sedina Velic G    
Paul Nguyen G    
Autro Felix, Jr.  S    
Sebastian Gonzalez S G  
Tyler Tran S S  
Tyler Huanbutta G G G
Lawrence Chan S S  
Alex F.  G    
Michael Redmond G G  
Phelix Ho G    



Haley Kong


The team photo was taken in Tijuana,  Mexico on March 2010 where the Junior World Championships was held. Haley Kong from KMAC-HQ and two of our KMAC-Manila members earned their places on the USAT National Team.  This is a feat in itself, 
whereas only ten males and ten females qualify to represent the United States in this prestigious event. We are very proud that these three members of the USA National Team are our very own. This is the highest level of competition that a junior can accomplish
short of the Olympics. It was quite an experience to see the numerous countries of the world bringing their best qualified athletes to this immense competition. We thank the coaches, 
Master Henry Cruz of KMAC-Manila, Master Thomas Mar of KMAC-HQ and everyone that has supported these elite athletes. 





United States America Taekwondo Junior Team Trial- 1st Places

A photo of our very own Haley Kong, at Colorado Springs, CO. Olympic Training Center on January  2010 securing a position on the Junior World Championships which is going to be held in Tijuana, Mexico in March 2010. Congratulations to Haley Kong and Coach Thomas Mar for their pursue to excellence.  And we congratulate Manila Coach Master Henry Cruz for putting two athletics on Junior World Team. Both Cheyenne and Ryan. Note: Junior World Championships is one of the highest level of competition a junior can compete short of the Olympic!  Only a team of 10 females and 10 males qualifies in their respective category represents the USA. ( photos: US Team Coaches far left Jean Lopez and far Right Juan Moreno and center back David Askinas, CEO and Haley Kong center with the teammates. 

2nd & 3rd photos of Haley Kong receiving her Championship Ring for 2009 for achieving and qualifying both AAU and USAT as a National Team Members with Grandmaster Jung presenter and a group photo both Coach Thomas Mar and Coach David Mangonon who trained, coached and traveled with Haley to each of the events. This is Haley's third Championship Rings!  And please,  Haley stands" Humble" and prefer a quiet congratulation would be appreciated.Haley Kong: National Team Member.

This Summer 2009 Haley Kong successfully captured as" National Team Member" in two Taekwondo national organizations, the AAU-( Amateur Athletic Union ) Jr. National Team Trials-final (4th) fight in first photo and the USAT ( United States America Taekwondo ) the National Governing Body of Taekwondo Jr. National Team Trials-overtime in the final(5th) fight in the second photo. Winning the USAT title earned a berth to the 5th Pan American Junior Championships on Nov. 19th-22nd,  2009 in San Salvador,  El Salvador and the AAU title gives Haley a chance to compete in Germany 2010. Winning a Silver Medal at the Dutch Open 2008 and this years results will give Haley 3 times international exposure in Taekwondo competition. We also credit Master David Mangonon coaching at the AAU Nat'l Team Trial, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. and Master Thomas Mar coaching at the USAT Nat'l Team Trial in Colorado Springs, Co.




Haley Kong: National Team Member

This Summer 2009 Haley Kong successfully captured as" National Team Member" in two Taekwondo national organizations, the AAU-( Amateur Athletic Union ) Jr. National Team Trials-final (4th) fight in first photo and the USAT ( United States America Taekwondo ) the National Governing Body of Taekwondo Jr. National Team Trials-overtime in the final(5th) fight in the second photo. Winning the USAT title earned a berth to the 5th Pan American Junior Championships on Nov. 19th-22nd,  2009 in San Salvador,  El Salvador and the AAU title gives Haley a chance to compete in Germany 2010. Winning a Silver Medal at the Dutch Open 2008 and this years results will give Haley 3 times international exposure in Taekwondo competition. We also credit Master David Mangonon coaching at the AAU Nat'l Team Trial, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. and Master Thomas Mar coaching at the USAT Nat'l Team Trial in Colorado Springs, CO.


SonnyCody Aguirre-Featherweight Gold Medalist
San Jose, California National Qualifier

May 10th, 2009

Cody, in blue,National Qualifier in San Jose. He took gold. Here he is getting air & throwin triples on a military team competitor from Colorado. He had an awesome day! Nationals in July next.

Cody Francisco Wolf Aguirre began training under GM Jung in 1988 at age 5, and has trained in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Judo & Tai Chi. He is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo. Currently ranked as a World Class competitor in Taekwondo, Cody was a USA 2000 Jr. & 2003 Sr. National Team member, competing at both Jr. & Sr. World Championships, and took gold at US Open in 2003. As a resident in Taekwondo at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs from Aug 2001 till November 2003 he fought all over the world representing the USA. Cody began teaching Taekwondo at KMAC under GM Jung in 1995, and has participated as an instructor in the US Taekwondo Jr. Elite Training Camp in Colorado Springs & the Stanford TKD Summer camps. Currently Cody is a student at CCSF and UC Berkeley, as well as a Taekwondo Instructor on the CCSF staff. Saturday afternoons from 2-4 pm at KMAC he teaches Olympic sparring for anyone serious about Taekwondo sparring competition. Call ahead to confirm.


AAU Friendship TKD Championships

November 22nd,  2008

Winning the AAU National Championship - A Parent's Perspective

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child and that certainly rings true for taekwondo competitors as well. All of the members of the KMAC family offered advice and support and we realize that it truly takes an entire dojang to nurture a fighter.Haley-David

The architect of Haley's training of course is Grandmaster Jung. Without his voluminous knowledge, this win would not have been possible. His dreams and high aspirations propel us forward. Thank you for sharing your expertise and unwaveringconfidence. Master Mangonon's dedication as a coach is phenomenal. He offers the wisdom from one having been in the ring
and the perspective as seen from outside the ring. Thank you for the weekends that you spent away from your family, the time that you spent strategizing and agonizing, and most of all for your faith in Haley.

Thank you to Master Thomas Mar, Master Michael Mar, Master Choi, Master Mauricio and Master Aguirre for always stepping in with suggestions, new techniques and sharing your accumulated and hard-earned insights. You teach by offering both guidance and by sparring thereby providing

invaluable lessons. And thank you to Dr. Lee whose emphasis on strength and reflexes helped hone the body while preventing injuries.

haleyTo all of the dojang-mates who toil beside Haley, thank you for providing the camaraderie needed to continue. To all of the younger dojang-mates who look to Haley with expectations, thank you for being the inspiration. And to all of the parents who cheer, organize carpools, and remember the water bottles and Band-Aid, thank you for an incredible network of support.

Contrary to what many will say, winning a national title in taekwondo is not an individual accomplishment, but, as we have learned, it is a result of the
collective hopes and efforts of the entire KMAC family. And for all that and much more, we thank you.

Greg and Vanessa Kong


Congratulations! Haley Kong

2009 U.S. Junior National Team Member

Coach Thomas Mar, GM Jung, Haley Kong and Marlene Jung.


2009 Junior Team Members with National Coaches, Juan Moreno (left), Jean Lopez (right) and
U.S.A.T. President, David Askins (center).

Haley's Bio
Home: Hillsborough, California
Birthday: October 14, 1993

Nickname: "Hay Hay"
Height: 5-3
Weight: 97
Birthplace: San Mateo, Calif..
Coaches: Master Merrill Jung, Master Thomas Mar and Master David Mangonon
Dojang: Korean Martial Arts Center
High School: San Mateo H.S. (San Mateo, Calif.)
Year of Graduation: 2011

Other Sports Played: cross country

Hobbies: collecting pressed pennies, traveling to foreign countries, playing the piano and french horn, gardening, baking, reading manga and attending musicals

Favorite Foods: sushi, spaghetti, pizza, ramen and Chinese food

Pre-Competition Meal: noodles

Favorite Athletes: Shawn Johnson and Kerri Strug

Favorite Movies: Transformers, White Chicks, Lion King and Indiana Jones

Favorite Music: all types

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Netherlands

Did You Know?: Haley is an ambassador Girl Scout, has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards, and is currently working on her Girl Scout Gold Award project...she has a 4.0 GPA...she has trekked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, stood on the Great Wall of China, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, been inside King Tut's tomb and the Great Pyramids of Giza, seen Big Ben, rode to the top of the Eiffel Tower, gazed at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and most recently swam with the sea lions in the Galapagos Islands...she just completed her advanced level piano exam and plays the french horn in the school symphonic band and the piano in the jazz band.


2010 AAU Senior Team Trials (Sr. Fin): 1st
2010  USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Bantam)
2010  USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Bantam): GOLD
2010  Spanish Open (Jr. Bantam): Quarterfinals
2010  USAT Fresno National Qualifier (Sr. Fin): BRONZE
2010  Junior World Championships (Jr. Bantam): Round of 32
              -lost to Yaoye Song (CHN), 7-3, in Rd. of 32
2010  Junior World Team Member (Jr. Bantam)
2010  Junior World Team Trials (Jr. Bantam): 1st
2010  AAU Junior National Team Member (Jr. Bantam)

2009 USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Fly)
2009 USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Fly): 1st
2009 USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Fly): SILVER
2009 USAT San Jose National Qualifier (Sr. Fin): GOLD
2009 USAT San Jose National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2009 Dutch Open (Jr. Fly): SILVER
2009 U.S. Open (Jr. Fly): SILVER
2009 AAU Junior National Team Member

2008 AAU Nationals (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2008 AAU National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2008 USAT York National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2008 USAT York National Qualifier (Jr. Poomsae): GOLD
2008 USAT York National Qualifier (Sr. Fin): SILVER
2008 USAT York National Qualifier (Sr. Poomsae): BRONZE
2008 California State Championships (Jr. Bantam): BRONZE
2008 California State Championships (Sr. Fin): BRONZE
2008 U.S. Open (Sr. Poomsae): BRONZE

2007 USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Fly): 3rd
2007 USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Fly): SILVER
2007 USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Poomsae): SILVER
2007 AAU National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2007 USAT Portland National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): BRONZE
2007 USAT Portland National Qualifier (Jr. Poomsae): GOLD

2006 USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Poomsae): GOLD
2006 USAT Portland National Qualifier (12-13 Bantam): GOLD
2006 USAT Portland National Qualifier (12-13 Poomsae): SILVER


Quotable Haley Kong:

"I would like to thank Master Jung, Master Mar, and Master Mangonon for their unwavering support. Thank you also to my teammates who have made training and intense but fun learning experience. Lastly, Mom and Dad, thank you so much for your love and encouragement. You were there when I took my first steps onto the taekwondo mat and you have been there for me ever since."


last updated 11/11/2010


AAU State Qualifier Championships

May 2nd, 2009

Brandon Mauricio retired as a junior after his last championships in 2002-2003. This year he rededicated himself to training Sonnyhard, dieting and focusing on the AAU State Qualifier.

In spite of his long absence, Brandon did not miss a beat and thrilled the crowd with his amazing skills! We truly hope his influence jump starts all the other young competitors and shows them that preparation is the key to success.

KMAC takes home the 4 foot Team Trophy and we would like to pass this trophy well deserved to Brandon Mauricio. Please stop by and congratulate him!


Golden Gate Open

February 2009

SonnySanel Velic is one of KMAC's newest junior black belts and is the only junior who rose to the occasion to fight in a junior black belt division. He earned two silver medals and a bronze in three separate championships! He is coming up through the ranks and KMAC appreciates his efforts.

KMAC awards Sanel Velic with the 5ft Team Trophy that was presented to KMAC as Best School Award.


Special Appreciation:

Owain Elliot-KMAC Team Photographer
Vanessa Kong-KMAC Team Photographer

We thank both Owain and Vanessa for spending a full day at the AAU State Qualifier shooting photos of our hard working competitors. There were many great pictures to be shared. Please look for them on our school electronic viewer donated by Haley Kong.

We also thank all the officials from KMAC who devoted their day to support the championships. Because of their hard
work we had a smooth tournament. Their jobs are thankless but invaluable.


Dr. Lee
Larry Kuo
Luis Perdices
Darlene Hong
Jasmine Gong
Grant Stewart
Sherly Moy
Wilson Moy
Nancy Doan
Anthony Lee

Of course, we also thank all the competitors who competed and will share the results at a later date.


Point Sparring Results:


Mr. Anthony Martin, Sr. really cranked up his fighting spirit and captured the GOLD! This is the senior division and Mr. Martin demonstrated that you are NEVER too old to fight. Photographer Owain Elliot captured a must see photo of Mr. Martin's side kick TKO that won his first match. Gaasping for air in his second match, Mr. Martin would not be denied and never looked back to fight his way to first place! Congratulations!


KMAC at the Nationals

For the past 25 consecutive years, KMAC has sent a team to Nationals, and 2008 was no different. Our competition team members were En-ta, Mark and Haley with Master Mangonon as coach -- a small but mighty contingent .

Mark and Haley participated in the AAU Nationals held in Madision, Wisconsin. kids
Haley beat her two opponents 6-0 and 8-1 to take the gold medal in the 14-17
year old flyweight division. Mark competed in the 12-13 year old red belt
division and won his two fights with an impressive 13-3 and 15-1 to earn the gold medal.

The USAT Junior National Championship was held in Detroit, Michigan. En-ta
debuted in his first Nationals by winning his initial fight 4-1. He earned a
bronze medal in the 14-15 year old red belt division. Both Mark and Haley fought tough
opening matches but did not win. However, Mark performed Palgwae-7 five times besting 22 other competitors to take the gold medal in forms.


Haley Kong and Cody Aguirre Recognition

On January 26th, 2008 we had the privilege of honoring Haley Kong for her strong finish in the 2007 National competition!  She captured a Silver medal at the National Junior Olympics and a Bronze Medal at the National Team Trial.  In the past, 3 years Haley has reached the highest level of competition in sport Taekwondo while also keeping up stellar academic achievements.

Cody was also on 2003 National Team as a senior (he is 2 time National Team member), and he also medaled at Nationals-he took bronze in World Class Division at Senior Nationals in 2007

Haley receiving her ring and SBN Cody Aguirre sharing the spotlight with his Championship ring from earning a spot in the 2000 National Team of the United States TKD Union. 











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